Dear Abby, Dear Abby

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For Entertainment Purposes (Mostly)

  • Online career advice columns provide the opportunity to cringe, laugh, and be glad we don’t work there.  You may be better off viewing them as opinion or entertainment, and not a prescription for career success.

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Who, Me? Yes, You

  • Tania Suster offered some career advice to a family friend.  Read it and remember:  context makes the difference between advice, and effective advice.  For example, “Schedule…in your bosses calendar a few check in meetings and ask for feedback,” might be a tad too formal in your company.  Or, you may find that feedback conversations happen on a very specific schedule.  Leaders should be prepared to advise team members on success factors like those Tania outlined for her friend — as they apply to your own organization.

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from Issue #10, December 10/11, 2017 edition of How to Have a Job

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