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Can’t-Miss Manners

  • I recently made a couple of introductions for a young woman I work with, and she thanked me.  After her meetings, she sent quick notes to thank me — and telling me how the conversations went.  I was delighted, and realized that I need to make this a more consistent practice, myself.


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Official Recognition

  • One source of unfairness at work:  inaccurate or incomplete performance evaluations.  “In November, it ’s tough to remember great victories that happened back in January.  This so-called recency effect is a common problem when you write a review from scratch at year-end.”  Team leaders:  make a practice of keeping notes on your people’s achievements, year round.  More in my guide on managing the performance review process.


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from Issue #9, November 26/27, 2017 edition of How to Have a Job

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