Vacation and PTO

Vacation, All I Ever Wanted

  • “Under a traditional paid-time-off (PTO) system, workers accrue vacation time at a specified rate.  When they leave or are terminated, their employer must pay them for any unused vacation days, which are treated as deferred compensation…”  This is not true in unlimited vacation scenarios:  plan accordingly.   Should Your Company Offer Unlimited Vacation Time? by June D. Bell at SHRM.
  • Yes, hashtag selfcare, the Internet may tell you it’s ok to call in sick, when you’re not.  Your employer may think otherwise.  One senior exec told me of having to let people go for having abused sick days, saying, “We have a generous sick day policy, which employees should view as insurance.”  Know your organization’s (written) policy!

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  • “If the idea of ignoring all your work email fills you with fear, is that because you like to be in touch, or because you really could lose your job if you disconnect?  What is the minimum connectivity that will be accepted at your job?”  The Right Way to Unplug While You’re on Vacation, by Alexandra Samuel.
  • “Class options include Asana Through Your Existential Despair, Free Swim Out of Imposter Syndrome, and Hula Hoop Away the Life You Planned with Steve.”  Welcome to Digital-Detox Camp, by Diana Vilibert.

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You’d Better Mind These Gaps

  • If you manage people, don’t let there be a gender gap — or any other gap — for paid time off!  It’s up to you to be sure that all people on your team are set up and supported to take (equal) vacation time.

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from the September 3, 2017 edition of How to Have a Job

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